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ZARG - Zaravash (CD)

ZARG - Zaravash (CD)

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ZARG - Zaravash (CD)

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Descrição Rápida

Progressivo sinfônico com pitadas pesadas tipo TRANSATLANTIC+YES+RUSH+FLOWER KINGS, passagens com flauta e violino, capitaneadas pelo tecladista do RECORDANDO O VALE DAS MAÇÃS. ÚLTIMAS CÓPIAS EM ESTOQUE !!!!!!!

Descrição do Produto

Zarg biography Brazilian band ZARG can trace it's origins back to 1993, when the three friends Alexandre Siqueira (vocals, flute, guitar), Leonardo Coutinho (guitars) and Christian Valias (drums) decided to form their own band; and with the addition of Geraldo Moraes (bass) they have a finalized line-up. Initially they start out as a covers act, named Wizard at first and then changing to Mr. Wizard sometime later. In these first few years the band remains pretty stable as an outfit, with the only line-up change being the addition of Edgard de Brito (keyboards) in 1999; who had worked with the band for a recording of a demo track in 1997 and who joined the band for the production of the demo CD "Zaravásh" in 1999. Following the release of this demo, several line-up changes occur in quick succession; and sometime around the millennium shift the band decides to change name as well; settling on Zarg as their new moniker. The Record label takes an interest in the band in 2001, and in 2002 Zarg, now consisting of Siqueira, Coutinho, Moraes, Anderson Alarca (drums) and Nelio Porto (keyboards) hits the recording studio, and in December the same year their debut album is issued, like their previous demo recording named "Zaravásh". As of 2009 the band hasn't released more material; but they are an active live unit. Multiple line-up changes have taken place since the release of their debut album though, and currently Zarg is made up by Moraes, Rafael Alves (drums), Leonardo Paulista (guitars, vocals) and Dario Mascaro (keyboards). Tracklist 1. Endless subconscious (4:57) 2. Hear the voices calling in my head (7:27) 3. Sons of the sun (5:57) 4. Zaravash (3:42) 5. Uga uga or die (14:36) 6. Zarg prelude (2:12) 7. Wake up fools (5:24) 8. Soul (4:40) 9. Night in the tavern (6:04) 10. Zaravash, part II (14:34) Total Time: 69:33 Line-up/Musicians - Alexandre Siqueira / lead vocals, steel guitar, percussion - Leonardo Coutinho / electric guitar, nylon guitar, vocals - Nelio Porto / keyboards, vocals - Geraldo Morais / bass guitar - Anderson Alarca / drums, percussion

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