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  1. HAMMERFALL - The First Crusade (VHS)

    HAMMERFALL - The First Crusade (VHS)


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  2. Thin Lizzy - Dedication (VHS)

    Thin Lizzy - Dedication (VHS)


    Thin Lizzy were formed in Dublin in 1970 when school friends Phil Lynott (bass, vocals) and Brian Downey (drums) teamed up with Belfast born guitarist Eric Bell. They soon relocated to London and signed with Decca Records and released three albums, Thin Lizzy in 1971, Shades of a Blue Orphanage in 1972 with the following year seeing the release of Vagabonds of the Western World. All of those albums failed to chart. Although a remake of the traditional song "Whiskey in the Jar" provided the band with a hit single it did little to raise the bands profile as an album band. Bell quit toward the end of 1973 due to the nature of the direction the band were going and he was swiftly replaced by former Skid Row guitarist Gary Moore. Moore was only to be a temporary arrangement and by mid 1974 Scottish born Brian Robertson and American Scott Gorham would provide a new look twin guitar attack for Thin Lizzy as they signed with Vertigo Records.

    Night Life (1974) was a tame and directionless effort in comparison to what Lynott would perceive but Fighting from the following year was a step in the right direction and by the time Jailbreak hit the record shops in the summer of 1976 Thin Lizzy were a well oiled machine with the singles "Jailbreak / Running Back" and "The Boys are Back in Town / Emerald" placing the band high on the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. Johnny the Fox (1976) and Bad Reputation (1977) continued to lift the bands profile which culminated in the release of the towering double set Live and Dangerous in 1978. At this stage Brian Robertson was out of favour, to be replaced by Gary Moore in his second stint in Thin Lizzy. The resulting album, Black Rose: A Rock Legend again fared well.

    Internal conflict between Moore and Lynott reached a high during an American tour and the guitarist was replaced by Midge Ure. A full time replacement was installed before Lizzy hit the studio for their eleventh album. Snowy White was featured on Chinatown and Renegade, released in 1980 and 1981 respectively but Thin Lizzy's star was beginning to dim. This was aided by inconsistent song writing and the drug dependencies of the band's leader Philip Lynott and guitarist Scott Gorham. White was replaced by Tygers of Pan Tang guitar player John Sykes on the 1983 effort and very heavy Thunder and Lightning which saw a return to form but after the tour Thin Lizzy would split up.

    Lynott put together Grand Slam in 1984 but failure to secure a record deal put an end to the project soon after. In 1985 Lynott guested with Gary Moore on the "Out In The Fields / Military Man" single which helped raise his profile and Polydor offered him a contract to record a solo album if he could conquer his drug problems. By late 1985 a Thin Lizzy reunion was rumoured but Lynott collapsed on Christmas day 1985 and died on the 4th of January 1986 as his body shut down from his excessive and long term chemical abuse.

  3. KISS - MTV Unplugged (VHS)

    KISS - MTV Unplugged (VHS)


    I gotta say, I am a terribly huge KISS ARMY SOLDIER and FAN and this album....simlpy...ROCKS. I love "Unplugged" concerts.
    After KISS split up, the decided to make a "FAREWELL TOUR". Then someone got the idea of making an "Unplugged" concert feautirng the hottest band of all...KISS. And then, there was an unexpected reunion of KISS. I gotta say it was a good idea. The $20.00 are totally worth it on this album:

    1.- "Comin' Home".- A great intro, who would have imagined they would play such an unknown song by many people. Thanks to the "Unplugged" version of this song, they turned the "crappy" version of "Comin' Home" from the "Hotter than Hell" album, into (for me) one of their best songs on the album.- 5/5.

    2.- "Plaster Caster".- I love this version of the song. It is very...clean.- 5/5.

    3.- "Goin' Blind".- I'm not too crazy 'bout this song, but I think the "Unplugged" version of this song is the best.- 4/5.

    4.- "Do You Love Me?".- I love this one, great song. This is another example of songs that are better acoustic.- 5/5.

    5.- "Domino".- This song is one of my favorite's. Top 5 on this album. Great guitar solo and rythm.- 5/5.

    6.- "Sure Know Something".- Another example of a song better heard on acoustic.- 5/5.

    7.- "A World Without Heroes".- I adore this one. On of the best.- 5/5.

    8.- "Rock Bottom".- It's a great song with the best intro.- 5/5.

    9.- "See You Tonight".- A song from Gene's "solo" album. I like this one too.- 5/5.

    10.- "I Still Love You".- Another song that is better heard acoustic. In this song, Paul really showed off his best, as well as Bruce Kulick. Eric handled the drums prety neat too. And Gene....WOW.... you should check out the concentration on the "Unplugged" video, really presice. Great work and a fantastic song.- 5/5.

    11.- "Every Time I Look At You".- An amazing song also taken from "REVENGE". I like this one. KISS plays with a symphony and they did their best. Top 5.- 5/5.

    12.- "2,000 Man".- In this song there is a surprise! They invited KISS's formal members: Peter Criss and Ace Frehley!
    They play "2,000 Man": a song written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards: the guys from "ROLLING STONES" and was given to Ace. Great job on it. Definetly top 5.- 5/5.

    13.- "Beth".- I...adore this one. It is one of the best from KISS. Really. It has beautiful lyrics and a great guitar solo. One of the best on this album. Top 5.- 5/5.

    14.- "Nothin' To Lose".- This song is one of KISS's best work, in my opinion, I think it is a classic. In this song: Gene, Paul, Eric, Ace, Bruce and Peter play a mind-blowing role, each one of them. Top 5.- 5/5.

    15.- "Rock And Roll All Nite".- A great outro for such an amizin "Unplugged" concert. One of KISS's best work, too. Amazing.- 5/5.

    That's it. The whole review. If I were you, I would buy this album along with the DVD so you would live a full experience "KISS: UNPLUGGED" concert.

    KISS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. BON JOVI - Destination Anywhere (VHS)

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