DAKRUA - Inner Wastelands (CD)

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Gothic doom italiano original, com vocais sopranos femininos da famosa EVA RONDINELLI, vocais masculinos intercalados  e  instrumental bem heavy metal tradicional, formando um mix do melhor de NIGHTWISH e TRISTANIA. Edição brasileira com 4 bonus tracks.

DAKRUA - Inner Wastelands (CD)

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First album from this Italian band eschews the gothic approach although it does feature female/male co-vocalists. More towards the doom side with a nice symphonic element present.

Female fronted metal bands are a cliché. The rules are simple: the lead singer’s either opera trained, or she looks good in black. Or both. Oh, and one other thing, the music has very little to do with metal. But who cares – dressing up in black is fun. Now if all of that sounds stupid, that’s because it is. The whole thing’s plain old fashioned wishy-washy; or should I say Nightwishy-washy.

Enter Dakrua. They’re on a tiny Italian label, and probably have day jobs. And yet in their decade or so of existence, they’ve very quietly put out what might be the two most definitive female fronted metal releases on record. The accent here is on the word metal. ‘Inner Wastelands’ is their debut release. And it’s very, very good.

Track one “Under the veils” announces three things; 1) moody and doomy pounding metal full of melody 2) lyrics that actually go somewhere, and 3) a beauty and the beast vocal line up with Eva Rondinelli providing the quasi operatic voice up against the growling death metal tirades of William Quattrone. And boy does it work. They’re not the first to try it, and they won’t be the last. But I doubt anyone’s ever done it better.

And the metal only gets heavier when we get to track two. This one’s called “Mist” and the name of the game is guitars that won’t sit still, keyboards that buck at doubling for other instruments, and drums that are a drawbridge dropping down on to every doom chord.

“Amor, Vita, Mors” is track three and things just got cosmic. The music here outdoes atmospheric black for atmosphere, whilst rewriting the gothic metal rulebook with pages torn straight out of a symphonic power metal handbook. But there’s not an orchestra in sight though.

All of which brings us to “Of Chaos” – pound for pound the best song on the album. The lyrics are all about questioning meaning. That’s not an easy thing to do. And Dakrua aren’t about pretending. The reason the music and lyrics sounds like ashes dissolving in a firestorm is because they are. Sound deep? It’s not. It’s metal.