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Engrave's 'Legacy of a time' is one of my favorite CDs of this decade and many fans have been able to experience the band's greatness. Released through the Brazilian Megahard Records, a label that seems to keep solid bands like Glory Opera, Endless, Allegro, Spirit Heaven and Liar Symphony from gaining the recognition they deserve.

'Legacy of a time' was released back in 2001 and is actually the band's 2nd CD, as their debut 'Esdra' (also with Megahard Records) was released in 1998. 'Esdra' is a decent CD of melodic power metal with a progressive side, but is hindered a little by a somewhat thin production and inconsistent vocals from Davi Dantas. The songwriting is quite good however and you can hear a fair amount of promise.

With 'Legacy of a time', the band replaced Davi and acquired Eric Galdyanz, who surely makes for an improvement in the vocal department. Another change is the band's style moved more into pure melodic power metal, shedding the small progressive side. The best way to describe their sound is to take a typical power metal band a la early Helloween or maybe Sweden's Insania, then add influences from other Brazilian bands like Angra, Orion Riders, Shaaman, or the previously mentioned Liar Symphony and Glory Opera.

The CD starts out with a short "Intro" and track 2 "Keep on trying" through track 6 "The gambling" are all in the style we all love, containing the perfect balance of speed, melody and symphonic elements. Track 7 "Legacy of a time", one of the CD's highlights, is an extremely memorable instrumental that causes me to hit "repeat" at least once with every listen. Track 8 "Spirits of land", which was an instrumental on 'Esdra', now has lyrics and leads to one of the best ballads I've ever heard "No rest". This rare CD is worth the hunt for this song alone! There's no letting up in quality with track 10 "Faith" and the final song "Dead meat" either, as the CD truly is excellent in its entirety.

Glory Opera, this is another one of those CDs I would really miss if it wasn't in my posession. The only minor flaw is that the production could be even better, but it's definitely an improvement over the previous 'Esdra' and there's a strong presence of passion with 'Legacy of a time' as well. While the status/future of the band is unknown, I refuse to dwell on what could be and have chosen instead to hold onto this CD like it's the last copy in the world. Highly recommended to fans of melodic power metal and if you're lucky enough to find it, surely pick it up. 

Review by Angelfire.

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