Frozen Tears - Way Of Temptation (Paperboard CD) - Raro - Ultimas Copias PROMO CDs em estoque - FRETE GRATIS

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Segundo CD da banda italiana exclusiva da Megahard, mesmo estilo do 1o. CD porém mais bem produzido (Fear Studio-Italy), com mais influências de Rob Halford, Primal Fear, Iron Maiden.

Frozen Tears - Way Of Temptation (Paperboard CD) - Raro - Ultimas Copias PROMO CDs em estoque - FRETE GRATIS

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Frozen Tears - Way Of Temptation (8,5/10) - Italy - 2002 Genre: Heavy Metal Label: Megahard Records Playing time: 48:45 Band homepage: Frozen Tears Tracklist: Walking Through My Dreams Back To Hell A Losing Game Jail Of Pain The Mad And The Sad Flame Of Hate A Great Day The Last Storm Angel's Crying Frozen Tears - Way Of Temptation Because of the wide range of Brazil-imports I wanted to get a good CD from there at the last Metal-market, even more so as you had the chance to listen to them first. After several HELLOWEEN-clones and strange Prog-bands the second album of Brazilian FROZEN TEARS convinced me most! Heh, thought so, because they aren't even South American, but Italian. Who cares, they sound atypical for their country. Quite heavy, for Italo-bands almost crude FROZEN TEARS fire a load of US-Metal at my ears. OK, the PRIEST-touch in a few of the songs even I could not miss. Especially the opener "Walking Through My Dreams" sounds like a parody of "Painkiller", because so incredibly cranky the Gaylord Halford never has "screamed". Still sounds great and reminds me almost on the sick vocals of LIVING DEATH. But in the course of the rest we get more of the American Power Metal-direction, with nicely rough vocals. The riffs are top notch, the breaks superb and the production great! Also the solos can truly enthuse a veteran like me. Great twin-guitar-duels, which remind me of the best times of dream-duos ala Murray/Smith or Downing/Tipton. Great! Have read somewhere, that the FROZEN TEARS-debut should be a lot more progressive. Still with the drumming and the intricate riffs show how great musicians we have here. Here we get pretty straight stuff, which has some intricate breaks, but still is to the point! For me an absolute surprise and a secret-tip! Most will hate the vocals, but we already know that! (Online August 2, 2002)