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As is now more and more frequently, the most beautiful album out, and unfortunately does not see anyone. It had already happened last year with the phenomenal Heraldry from Latin America, with their Shadows of past life had made me dream of you listen to, and unfortunately repeats itself this year with the Florentine Seven Gates. Well, to tell the unvarnished truth, the album is not yet officially released, and hence the distribution of the same cd has not started, even if at the underground is how I found myself, but it seems to me that the 'interest in the band Tuscan is very faint, do you think that talking to writers of other sites and much more accredited journalists, I was told that unfortunately the label of the band in question here we do not have commercial weight, and therefore the reviews of the album have been postponed until a later date, but it seems logical? Well, the Brazilian Megahard records, to us here in Italy does not enjoy a large distribution, it seems to me something very obvious, but lately there had been talk of an agreement on a large scale by the omnipresent Self, but come to think certain meanness, it does not seem fair to a band honest and fair as our Seven Gates. No, I sin in admitting that some of patriotism Unreality, our debut album is a great album, well produced and played even better, from a young band that has a history behind it from the official cover band Bon Jovi, and if you please, and a debut demo that never, ever would have thought he could hide a band with such potential. It is because what I have in my hands is just a nice platter of symphonic power metal, and no matter if most of the time the band is very close to significantly songwriting superstars such as Stratovarious or Sonata Artica, what can you do, the you know or not that the notes are always seven, and be the innovative, especially in a genre oversaturated like theirs, is very, very difficult? So who cares, I enjoy like a pig these eleven hymns to the metal starting from overflowing mega hit "Forever With Me", a song for which Mr. Tolkki would sell his soul to the devil for having written, passing through the land- "Mystirious gods" and the sweet "On The Moon", to literally sbracarmi with the magnificent "Download" songs in which the band manages to bring together reminiscences hard'n'roll basis of purely power-eggianti. Ultimately a band revelation that what they say, and a disc to enjoy to enjoy track after track step by step. Look for it, find it, Enjoy it and enjoy, fuck ..... enjoy!! Musicians : Voice: F.Puleri Guitar: T.Vitaly Guitar: M.Moroni Bass: S.Vermigli Drums: P.Baroni Keyboard: F.Marnica Label: Megahard Recorded at : Zenith studios Artwork: Angelo Sasso Tracklist: 1. Beyond the Gates 2. Forever with Me 3. Shadows 4. Prisoner in Your Mind 5. Mysterious Gods 6. Battle of Britain 7. On the Moon 8. Lords of the Night 9. Lament of the Sins 10. Unreality 11. Download http://www.truemetal.it/cont/articolo/unreality/50928/1.html

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Produto: SEVEN GATES - Unreality (CD), Heavy Metal melodico Italiano a la Rhapsody, Raridade, Ultimas cópias em estoque !!! FRETE GRÁTIS

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